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We accelerate drug discovery, navigating groundbreaking advancements in medicine.

Advanced Assessment

Our sophisticated technology rapidly and precisely evaluates protein-ligand interactions, maintaining the integrity of targets and small molecules. This enables the discovery of active pharmaceutical compounds and the elucidation of complex biological mechanisms, addressing the most challenging targets in drug discovery.

Collaborative Commitment

We are dedicated to pioneering drug discovery, going beyond conventional service models to forge co-development partnerships with the pharmaceutical sector, research institutions, and AI-based drug discovery firms. Together, we aim to transform the drug discovery landscape, introducing innovative solutions that improve lives and reshape medical treatment.

Our cutting-edge drug discovery technology offers a breakthrough solution for overcoming critical challenges in drug discovery.

Our drug discovery technology can deconvolute the mechanism of action, effectively work with both purified proteins and targets that are difficult to purify or have not yet been purified. Moreover, the technology has the unique ability to interrogate and generate hit/leads for ‘undruggable’ targets, unlocking new avenues for drug discovery in previously inaccessible areas.


Unknown Targets

Protein Purification

Undruggable Targets

Unlocking new avenues for drug discovery

High Throughput Screening

Enables rapid screening of 1 million compounds in weeks, significantly boosting efficiency and speed.

Lead Identification

Lead Identification
Streamlines the identification of promising drug leads without needing protein purification or assay development.

Rapid Wet Lab Validation of AI-Generated Hit

Facilitates quick biophysical validation of AI-derived hits, simplifying early-stage drug discovery.

Identification of Phenotypically Active Compounds Using Cell Lines

Identifies bioactive compounds in complex mixtures using cell lines, bypassing traditional purification steps.

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